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The Dalton Wealth Management Planning Process

We realize that some of what we have discussed may seem a bit confusing and the tasks we outlined a bit daunting. But it is possible to reach your goals, if you take action.

It is also important that all investment strategies and tactics are customized for you. You are unique. What works for your friend or neighbor may not be appropriate for you.

In your first appointment, we are going to ask you some of the most important questions that a financial advisor can ask their clients. The answers could quite possibly change your financial future....

At the end of the meeting, both of us will have some idea of the next steps we want to take. Our objective is to develop long term professional relationships. If we don’t think that our services will benefit you, we will tell you.

During the second meeting, we need a complete picture of the resources you have available. You will need to provide us with all applicable documents and account statements. But once again, the emphasis is on understanding your goals, objectives and motivations.

All analysis and recommendations will be presented in draft form and discussed in detail at the third meeting. A step-by-step action plan will be presented for your review.

Though subsequent meetings to finalize your financial plan and our recommendations may be necessary, in the future we will want to meet with you at least semi-annually in order to help keep you on track towards your goals.