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Family Planning Checklist

The following are critical planning issues that we are prepared to help you with.

How can I make my financial future more secure for myself and my loved ones?

  • Have I thought of everything that could go wrong?
  • Have I unintentionally made any serious financial, legal or tax mistakes?
  • Have I overlooked planning opportunities or tax advantages to which I am entitled?
  • How do I want to be remembered?


What is the primary goal of my estate plan?

  • Avoid probate?
  • Avoid taxes?
  • Provide for my loved ones?
  • Do my goals conflict with one another?

Who else can benefit from my life’s work … children … grandchildren … church … charity? Can I reasonably expect any sizable inheritances?

Have I taken all the necessary steps to reduce or avoid probate? When were my will and durable power of attorney last updated? • Is the ownership of my assets properly coordinated with the beneficiaries of my retirement accounts, will and living trust?

Who would handle my financial affairs if I were unable to do so? • Do I have a valid durable power of attorney for financial matters or would the court have to create a guardianship?

Do I need a living trust? If so, have all of my assets been properly titled? • Are the successor trustees qualified to carry out my wishes?

Do I feel comfortable with my living will elections and my durable power of attorney for health care? • Do I have the most current versions?


What is my idea of an enjoyable retirement? How can I minimize the taxes on my investment earnings and social security benefits? How confident am I that I have properly planned for my retirement years?

What savings and sources of income are available to me, and my loved ones, during retirement?

  • Are they enough?
  • Have I invested wisely … have I taken too little, or too much, risk?
  • Am I properly diversified?
  • How often should my savings and investments be reviewed... quarterly... semi-annually... annually?

What impact could possible changes in Social Security and Medicare have on my retirement plans?

Are the beneficiaries of my retirement accounts properly designated? Can I "stretch" the tax deferral benefits of my retirement accounts over a number of generations?


What if I died tomorrow? How would my death affect my family financially?

Is it reasonable to expect my health to decline as I get older?

  • What if I suffered a serious illness or injury tomorrow?
  • Would my income be sufficient?
  • Would my life’s savings be wiped out?
  • What would my loved ones do if all of my income was used to pay for long term care?

What would happen if I got sued for causing an accident? Do I have sufficient liability coverage? What would happen if a family member got sued? Could I lose any of my assets due to joint ownership or joint liability?


Do I want to provide my children or grandchildren financial help in the future? If so, how much and for what purposes?

Will I be responsible for helping parents, older relatives or friends? Will I be physically or financially able to do?

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